September the 29th (cont)

I’m sharing some more photos taken that night as I promised on my previous post titled: “Night of the 29th of September”

For these pictures I used my pentax k5 and my sigma 18-250, a nice all occasions lens, which I use more often out of commodity really, also since I am describing my equipment let me tell you about the tripod I use and the remote.

The tripod is a Hama Traveller Compact Pro Tripod” a really versatile tripod, sturdy and very light, the price also is really decent, when I bought it it was around £30 on amazon, however the price has increased to almost £60, I am not surprised at all, as it is a really nice piece of equipment.

The remote I use is a Neewer® LCD Timer Shutter Release Remote Control Cord” another cheap piece of equipment, that works really well and has never given me any trouble.

Anyway without further ado let me show you the pictures:

A lovely night for long exposure.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed shooting them.


Night of the 29th of September

A quick post tonight, I don’t have much time but I decided to post an image I created a while ago, well the 29th of September of 2015 to be exact.

It was a really good night for long exposures, sky was perfect, intermittent clouds and almost full moon, a perfect combination for a long exposure session.

So I walked to the north bank of the Thames and went for a shooting session, I got some nice shots, which I will eventually blog in future posts, for now I will upload just one since I am a little short of time today.

Good night everyone, hope you like the photo.

A lovely nice for photography.

London at night and HDR

Last Tuesday, a friend and me decided to go take some long exposures around the area of Battersea.

We went around and we took some nice shots, however as it is quite common in me I ended up saving the pictures on my computer but I never processed them or cleaned them up. this is basically one of the main reasons for creating this blog, a way to feel excited about developing pictures once again so that I can share them online for people to see and give their opinion.

So let me show you the few photos I decided to keep and share.

I’m sorry I haven’t had time to put any captions or anything about the pictures, I might update the post, tomorrow or so, meanwhile, please enjoy the pictures.

A mysterious and foggy night.

Sunday night I was at home not doing much, except working on some of my photos, at certain point a friend of mine to whom I was chatting through whatsapp mentioned that London was full of fog, everywhere, fog had just literally invaded every area in London and apparently it had been like that all day.

It felt really embarrassing the fact that I hadn’t even realized, early in the morning when I woke up I had a little peek through my room’s window  and I saw that it wasn’t the best day to go out, so I decided to work on some of my photos but since then I hadn’t bothered checking through the window again… I was so disappointed, I had lost so many photo opportunities, however there was still time, it was dark and one of my favorite kind of photography is long exposure and the fog was certainly gonna give some drama to any shot I decided to take, so I took my tripod camera and remote and I left my flat as quick as I could.

I thought I could go to the park near my house and try to get some pics on there so I decided to go on my way.

Not the best shots but the fog adds so much drama

On the way to the park I managed to get next to a canal, and grab some shots, like the one above.

As I say, I am not very proud of these shots, they are standard but the fog improves them so much.


I find really relaxing the whole process of going on your own under the fog, take your time to press the shutter and just chill while the camera makes the rest.

The fog also makes you consider angles and views that you would have ignored otherwise.

Sunday was the 1st of November, a night after Halloween, it was a pity I didn’t get to grab the following shots just a day before, I still think they count as Halloween themed photos.

This one with the sharp fence?

Or this other one with the blurred fence?

I couldn’t make up my mind on which one was best, if anybody has a suggestion I would love to hear it, which one would you prefer?

Once I got to the park I discovered it was already close, how naive from me to think that it would still be open, that didn’t put me off on my short photography walk.

I decided to go around the area where I live and grab few shots.

I found the last one quite intriguing and quite scary at the moment I took the picture, no sounds could be heard from anywhere, no people could be seen around either, the movie “The mist” came to my mind and it didn’t help reduce the feeling at all.

Hope you enjoyed these images, I certainly enjoyed taking them.

This must be my second post then!

So, I manage to create a blog and I manage to post two days in a row, pretty good!

I just wanted to share a 360 panoramic HDR I took last Saturday when I went to Epping forest as I mentioned on my previous post.

Anyway, here it is, hope you like it:

Left or Right? I mean… Backwards or forwards?

My first post.

For a long time I have been thinking about creating a blog.

Mainly to share my photos with people, but also to share my thoughts the mainly reason stopping me was the lack of knowledge regarding blog creating, so, what best to learn than creating a blog and learn while I practice.

Since it is my first post and I would love to share something with you and therefore learn how to share, I will post a couple of images I took few days back in Epping Forest (London) while I was coming back from a whole day learning how to use a panoramic tripod I recently bought, the letu 360

So without further ado let me see if I manage to share a couple of images from that night.

When the fog raises

Environment mixture

I shot these images with a Pentax K5 and a Samyang 8mm fisheye lens